NVL-模式 “The Question” 脚本 link

从Ren’Py分发版 “The Question” 游戏中继承,并用以下代码替换 script.rpy 文件中的代码,用 nvl_window.png 作为背景,图片在 这里

# 声明游戏中要用到的图像。
image bg lecturehall = "lecturehall.jpg"
image bg uni = "uni.jpg"
image bg meadow = "meadow.jpg"
image bg club = "club.jpg"

image sylvie normal = "sylvie_normal.png"
image sylvie giggle = "sylvie_giggle.png"
image sylvie smile = "sylvie_smile.png"
image sylvie surprised = "sylvie_surprised.png"

image sylvie2 normal = "sylvie2_normal.png"
image sylvie2 giggle = "sylvie2_giggle.png"
image sylvie2 smile = "sylvie2_smile.png"
image sylvie2 surprised = "sylvie2_surprised.png"

# 声明角色
define s = Character(None, kind=nvl, what_prefix="\"", what_suffix="\"",
define m = Character(None, kind=nvl, what_prefix="\"", what_suffix="\"",
define narrator = Character(None, kind=nvl)

# NVL 配置
init python:
    menu = nvl_menu

    # 没有得到焦点时的分支选项颜色。
    style.nvl_menu_choice.idle_color = "#ccccccff"

    # 得到焦点时的分支选项颜色。
    style.nvl_menu_choice.hover_color = "#ffffffff"

    # 没有得到焦点时的分支选项背景颜色。
    style.nvl_menu_choice_button.idle_background = "#00000000"

    # 得到焦点时的分支选项背景颜色。
    style.nvl_menu_choice_button.hover_background = "#ff000044"

    # 距离左侧分支选项应该缩进多少。
    style.nvl_menu_choice_button.left_margin = 20

    style.nvl_window.background = "nvl_window.png"
    style.nvl_window.xpadding = 55
    style.nvl_window.ypadding = 55

    config.empty_window = nvl_show_core
    config.window_hide_transition = dissolve
    config.window_show_transition = dissolve

# 从这里开始
label start:

    $ bl_game = False

    play music "illurock.ogg"

    scene bg lecturehall
    with fade

    window show

    "Well, professor Eileen's lecture was interesting, but to be honest,
     I couldn't concentrate on it very much."

    "I had a lot of other thoughts on my mind, and they all ended up with
     a question."

    "A question I've been meaning to ask someone."

    window hide
    nvl clear

    scene bg uni
    with fade
    window show

    "When we came out of the university, I saw her."

    window hide
    show sylvie normal
    with dissolve
    window show

    "She was a wonderful person. I've known her ever since we were children,
     and she's always been a good friend."

    "But... Recently... I think..."
    "... that I wanted more."

    "More just talking... more than just walking home together when our
     classes ended."

        "And I decided..."

        "... to ask her right away.":

            jump rightaway

        "... to ask her later.":

            jump later

label rightaway:

    nvl clear

    show sylvie smile

    s "Oh, hi, do we walk home together?"
    m "Yes..."
    "I said and my voice was already shaking."

    nvl clear

    window hide
    scene bg meadow
    with fade
    window show

    "We reached the meadows just outside our hometown. Autumn was so
     beautiful here."
    "When we were children, we often played here."

    m "Hey... ummm..."

    window hide
    show sylvie smile
    with dissolve
    window show

    "She turned to me and smiled."
    "I'll ask her..."
    m "Ummm... will you..."
    m "Will you be my artist for a visual novel?"

    show sylvie surprised

    nvl clear

    "She is shocked. And then..."

    show sylvie smile

    s "Sure, but what is a \"visual novel?\""


        "It's a story with pictures.":
            jump vn

        "It's a hentai game.":
            jump hentai

label vn:

    nvl clear

    m "It's a story with pictures and music. And you'll be able to make
       choices that influence the outcome of the story."
    s "So it's like those choose-your-adventure books?"
    m "Exactly! I plan on making a small romantic story. I figured you
       could help me... since I know how you like to draw."

    show sylvie normal

    s "Well, I can try. I hope I don't disappoint you."
    m "You can't disappoint me, you know that."

    jump marry

label hentai:

    nvl clear

    $ bl_game = True

    m "Why it's a game with lots of sex."
    s "You mean, like a boy's love game? I've always wanted to make one of
       those. I'll get right on it!"

    hide sylvie
    with dissolve


    m "That wasn't what I meant!"

    jump marry

label marry:

    window hide
    nvl clear

    scene black
    with dissolve

    "--- years later ---"

    nvl clear

    scene bg club
    with dissolve
    window show

    "And so, we became a visual novel creating team. We made games and had
     a lot of fun making them."

    if bl_game:
        "Well, apart from that Boy's Love game she insisted on making."

    window hide
    nvl clear

    show sylvie2 normal
    with dissolve
    window show

    "And one day, she asked me..."

    s "Hey..."
    m "Yes?"

    show sylvie2 giggle

    s "Marry me!"
    m "What???"

    show sylvie2 surprised

    s "Well, don't you love me?"
    m "I do, actually."

    nvl clear
    show sylvie2 smile

    s "See? We've been making romantic visual novels, spending time
       together, helping each other... and when you give love to others,
       love will come to you."
    m "Hmmm, that's a nice thought."

    show sylvie2 giggle

    s "I just made that up."
    m "But it's good."

    nvl clear
    show sylvie2 normal

    s "I know. So, will you marry me?"
    m "Ummm, of course I will. I've actually been meaning to ask you, but
       since you brought it up..."
    s "I know, but you are so indecisive, that I thought I'd take the
       initiative. "
    m "I guess... It's all about asking the right question... at the
       right time."

    show sylvie2 giggle

    s "It is. But now, stop being theoretical, and give me a kiss!"

    nvl clear
    window hide
    scene black
    with dissolve

    "And we got married shortly after that. In fact, we made many more
     visual novels. And together, we lived happily ever after."

    ".:. Good Ending."


label later:

    nvl clear
    window hide

    scene black
    with dissolve

    "And so I decided to ask her later."
    "But I was indecisive."
    "I couldn't ask her that day, and I couldn't ask her later. I guess
     I will never know now."

    ".:. Bad Ending."